Willeford Group 12/31/11 Dental Production Index

DENTAL PRODUCTION INDEX 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011

The Most Reliable Dental Index in the Profession!

Why is this important to me?  What do I do with this information?  These statistics show you what your Doctor Production level could have been—the difference between that and your actual number tells you how much higher your Cash Flow could have been if your practice was running at optimum efficiency.  

   December’s Production Per Doctor was $73,000

   On average, Doctors worked 14 days in December or produced about $5,200 per day 

   What was your production?  If your office produced only $4,200 per day & worked 14 days then:

  • Ø You could have produced $1,000 more per day
  • Ø Meaning an additional $14,000 could have been produced in December
  • Ø An average of $12,500 Net Profit could have gone into your pocket!
  • Ø If this happens every month, then an additional $150,000 per year could go into your pocket!


Do you have room for improvement?  If so, call us—we can help you put more cash in your pocket, which helps you achieve the income you need to support your Quality of Life!


Our Dental Production Index tracks practice trends Per Doctor for same set of practices over four years so the results are comparable. (These are all stable, predominantly fee-for-service, general practices open 5 years or more.)


Rick Willeford  RickW@TheWillefordGroup.com       
Kate Willeford  KateW@TheWillefordGroup.com


About Kate Willeford, Dental CPA & Advisor

Dental CPA & Advisor serving accounting, tax, management, transition and financial planning needs of dentists since 1975.
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